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I think this has been covered, but there still seem to be some questions
about what, where and when the Gathering is. So in brief, The Gathering of
Long Distance Hikers is an annual meeting sponsored by the Appalachian Long
Distance Hikers Association. Both the group (ALDHA) and the event are
relaxed. That is not to say that nothing formal happens, but that it is also
a good time to hang out with like minded folks and find out about other
trails etc.

This year the Gathering is in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on October 11-13. The
three-days of workshops, slideshows, concert, dance, panel discussions and
more are $17 per person or $27 for two folks who later get there ALDHA mail
at the same address. The fee includes a one year membership in ALDHA and a
tentsite at the Gathering. All meals are, of course, one your own.

There is a good deal more information and a registration form at


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