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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] shelters

>I mean to tell you those tree parts were falling to. I was tenting at the
>pond about a mile and a half south of Chestnut Knob Shelter when it hit at
>about 2 am. Luckily I was in the open field. I think it would have been
>dangerous to tent the next night in the "green tunnel". Are those other
>trails you mentioned threatened by high winds in heavy woods? My impression
>is that the high country is more open.

Jim -

I know that pond - that's where the first (but not the last) lightning
struck the day I came through there in 92.  That storm lasted until
I got to the shelter.  Made an "interesting" walk across the ridge.
One of our friends got burned by lightning in the same area the next
day - she was in her tent and the charge travelled along the ground.
Left her with a burn where she sits.  She got off the Trail - but
came back the next year.

Other trails - I'll tell you more about the CDT and PCT in a couple
years - but I know they don't have shelters and they get a lot of
thunderstorms.  I'll bet they get the high velocity side effects, too -
and they have more trees than you might think.

And I know what some of the PA trails like the Donut Hole
and the Chuck Keiper can be like - they get GOOD thunderstorms
with ALL the accompanying side effects.  I don't camp on the ridges
up there.  After Fran went through there, I'd bet that some of
those trails need a lot of work again.  Oh well - what else was
I gonna do with my spare time?

Have a good weekend -

And walk softly through those blowdowns,