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Re: [AT-L] boots & pads

> No, I don't use a chair adapter kit for my Therm-a-rest pad because I don't
> want to carry the extra weight.  I've been thinking about leaving the
> Therm-a-rest at home and taking my Ridgerest instead.  Since the
> Therm-a-rest is no substitute for a mattress, why not just admit it and save
> the weight?  I gotta have something so, therefore, the Ridgerest.  Anyone
> have any experiences with the Stephenson Down Air Mattress?  

We have two of the Stephenson D.A.M s and really like them. We
had decided not to take them on our thru-hike though because
we thought they might be alittle fragile.  If you don't know
anything about them, let  me just say they are air mattresses with
down in them. Not like the kind you buy for the beach though, they
are made of nylon taffetta (sp). Stephensons has several widths
and custom makes the length to what ever you want. You inflate
them using the stuff sack. It takes between 3 and 15 pumps 
depending on the size of the DAM or size of the stuff sack,
which comes with the DAM.
They are very lite , Alisons' weighs 1 lb 8 ozs.,
but they inflate to about three inches thick. And on top of that 
they float, so when that campsite floods, no problem.
We had decided to carry the Therm-a-rest Ultra-lite II , but after 
using them this summer I have to say we are very disappointed in them.
Yes they are lite, 1 lb 4 ozs, but they are not very comfortable.
We felt a ridge-rest was more comfortable and lighter, and
the new covering on the Ultra-lites seems to be very fragile.
There is even a warning from Cascade Designs not to carry the pad
outside your pack. So now we are back to reconsidering the
Stephensons, I mean those things are very comfortable and they
provide great insulation between us and the ground. We are thinking
since we are already carrying Western Mountaineering down bags,
why not a down mat.
 Stay tuned and we will let you know if we do it and
if it works or not. 

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
Me to Ga '97