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Re: [AT-L] boots & pads

> Take the D.A.M. thing.  I have the Thermarest Ultralite II which I used on the
> PCT earlier this year and I loved it.  I would never think of carrying any
> inflatable sleeping pad on the outside of my pack, anyway.  Especially on the
> PCT in southern CA.  So, maybe their warning is just making a common sense 
> statement.  Guess I wouldn't mind sleeping on a Ridgerest, but it is just so
> bulky.  Like most other things, I think I could get used to having it strapped
> to the outside of my pack.
>>* Much entertaining and useful info deleted.
> John Newman
Hi John,
You are right about the common sense thing, we have internal
frames and would never carry our Therm-a-rests outside (anymore).
The reason I mentioned that is because we bought our
daughter a Therm-a-rest LE and there was no such warning
on it, but with the Ultra-lites it was there in bold text.
And the new covering on the ultra-lites appear to be much
more fragile than the standard cover. I will have to say 
I have one of the first Therm-a-rests ,the ones with the metal
valve, and I carried it outside on my external frame for
years without a problem, and it wasn't even in a stuff sack.
I don't feel I could do that with the Ultra-lite without worrying,
about punctures, which has made us wonder about there long
term survive-ability. We could be wrong about this, wouldn't
be the first or last time for that.-:) (or whatever the symbol 
for humor is)
Let me also say, at the risk of making the ridge-rest people mad,
we ruled out the ridge-rest early in the process, too bulky,
and not very comfortable. We decided we wanted lite weight,
little bulk , and comfort, we felt the ridge-rest , while
serving many people very well, just wasn't the one for us.
We did think the Ultra-lite was the right one, but it just
hasn't worked out for us, maybe the Stephensons have just 
spoiled us, I mean after sleeping on those, even the LE
Therm-a-rest doesn't feel very comfortable. Maybe we should
just take your advice and carry the D.A.M thing. 

Yours truly , in backpacking humor,
Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
Me to Ga '97