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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] filters

> >Even the outrageously expensive Katadyne is
> >heavy and hard to field clean.
> Ok, I'll buy that the Katadyn is heavy and expensive, but
> what do you mean by "hard to field clean"?  As I mentioned
> in a previous post, I believe the Katadyn is very easy to
> keep clean in the field.  Using the supplied scraper, you
> simply brush it along the cylinder, and expose the new
> material.  It seems to be pretty straightforward.

I have a Katadyn, but have only used the brush once.  Just wipe silt from 
it with your finger, bandana, or a soft toothbrush.  Use their stiff 
brush often, and you'll eat up your element sooner.

The Katadyn easily unscrews, which exposes the full exterior surface of 
the filter element for wiping or rinsing clean.  Especially in the 
winter, to protect from freezing, I will unscrew and pour remaining water 
out, rather than bothering to hold it horizontal and pumping until dry.