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Re: [AT-L] filters

At 12:03 PM 9/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>On both my thru-hikes I used a First
>Need.  One filter lasted the whole
>trail each time.  They may be awkward
>to use, but they work, and I had a much
>easier time than the MSR people with
>their denture tablets, holding the
>filter upside down and swinging it
>around their heads, etc.  So far,
>nothing I have seen on the list has
>convinced me that any other filters
>work any better.  For every one that
>likes the PUR, you'll find 4 that had
>their's clog on the first use.  Even
>the outrageously expensive Katadyne is
>heavy and hard to field clean.

 Wow! That's patience. It seems patience is the real issue with the filters.
I had a first need way back when and I was always cursing it. I've used the
sweetwater guardian for 2 years now and loved it at first for the
improvement over the first need. I still get frustrated at how often it
needs cleaning but it works quite well. It cleans easily but when I want
water fast Murphy's Law applies - that's when it clogs. I was pumping away
in my only dry clothes in March after 2 days of rain and snow when it
started squirting all over me. 
I carry the iodine pills as back up but I love the taste of water thru the
filter and dislike the iodine taste.