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Re: [AT-L] Re:Walking Sticks vs Ski Poles

>The only downside for me, was that the somewhat sticky handles wore on my 
>hands a little (not nearly enough to blister, but enough to make me think they 
>might if I used them enough days in a row) I'm not sure what material to wrap 
>around them yet, if any.

You should also make sure to loosen your fingers on the grips frequently
throughout the day if you are going to thru-hike.  Often, I would forget
this (as did my wife) and after our thru-hike, it took almost 3 months
before our fingers would stop cramping. When I opened my hand, not all the
fingers would move - after a couple of seconds, they would finally pop open.
Wierd - must be like carpel tunnel syndrome - fortunately it finally went
away.  Wonder if anyone else had this problem?  

Mark and Janet Holmes 
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