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[AT-L] Snakes, et.al.

> I have seen a gartersnake in Omaha in January on a day that was about 40ish.
>  I couldn't believe it!

The simple fact that the snake was in Omaha proves my theory of their 
lack of intelligence.:-)  Speaking of no intelligence and the camera 
controversy, I have this story to tell: I carried my camera on three 
seperate trips. 180 miles. Incredible views from Albert Mtn firetower, 
the most beautiful sunset I've seen on the trail at Thomas Knob, etc. I 
expose #36 and go to rewind the film, but it was not to be. You see, 
there was no film there. I'm not sure if my film-less camera offended 
anyone or not, but had they been there when I opened the camera, quite 
another story. <G>

About the snakes, for some reason when I get into my sleeping bag I 
become scared to death that a snke is going to crawl in through the 
night. I've even woke up screaming.(woke up?) Fortunately I do my hiking 
from Sept-Feb.