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Re: [AT-L] Clothing Advice-Oct. hike in WV

Stormy wrote:
> and will be buying Gore-Tex raingear. Other than
> that, we're undecided. Of course, we know not to bring loads of cotton
> clothes, esp. jeans, and also are familiar with the layering system.
> Stormy

Personally, I never use raingear other than a pack cover. I keep my 
clothes inside in a plastic bag. If what I'm wearing gets wet, I wear it 
until the shelter or tent, then put on dry. The next morning I put the 
wets back on, no matter how uncomfortable that may be. If it is a dry 
day, however, I'll hang my wets on my pack and hope they dry. I never 
take jeans anymore, either. Its two pairs of polypropolene long johns and 
two pairs of hiking shorts. I've used this in 15 degree temps and was 
fairly comfortable.(As much as you can be in 15 degree temps.)