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To sign off or not

Steve -

Seems to be a whole lot of this kind of problem going
around right now.  So - if you really want to get off
the list, try using "signoff at-l" rather than
"unsubscribe at-l".  It sometimes works.  The
command should be sent to "listproc@patsy.hack.net".
When you send the command don't put your name in
the message - you may confuse the listproc - and it's
confused enough already.

If your problem is only when you go out of town, there's
an alternative.  If you want to just stop the mail but
not get off the list, send "set at-l mail postpone"  to
the listproc and it'll stop your mail until you tell it to
start again.  Then when you want to start it again,
send "set at-l mail ack" or "set at-l mail digest"
depending on how you want to receive it.

For a complete explanation of the available commands
send two commands to the listproc -the first is "help"
and the second command is "help set" (these can be in
the same message, but put them on separate lines).
The listproc will send you back a list of the operating
commands that you can use to control your interface
with the list.

Good luck,

>        I have tried to sign off this list three times now, and I just
>can't seem to get it to work.  I have enjoyed reading the postings, but I
>cannot handle the volume of digests I get when I'm out of town.  If
>anyone can help me to sign off, please do.
>Steve Komonytsky
>Washington and Lee University
>Lexington, VA