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RE: [AT-L] Greetings, Trail Name List

Welcome. Take your shoes off and set a spell.

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>From: 	Dan Bruce[SMTP:dbruce@madison.main.nc.us]
>Sent: 	Friday, August 30, 1996 4:16 AM
>To: 	Ed LaVine
>Subject: 	[AT-L] Greetings, Trail Name List
>Hi, my name is Dan Wingfoot and I'm new to the list (and the internet).
>Thanks, Ryan, for
>making this mailing list available to the AT community. It's a great
>As for the Trail Name List, I've been putting one together for the past
>five years (it now has about 5,000+ names) and using it to help people
>locate the real name of someone they met on the AT and knew only by Trail
>name. I plan to incorporate this list as one of the features of a new page
>that the Center for Appalachian Trail Studies will be introducing sometime
>around November 1st, with luck.
>If anyone wants to be listed in the Center list, you can, for the time
>being, e-mail your name, Trail name, address, city, state, Zip Code, year
>of hike, and a brief explanation of the way you got your Trail name and
>its meaning (if you feel an explanation is necessary).
>When it appears as part of our page for thru-hikers, there will be an
>explanation that the list should not be considered "official" and should
>in no way prohibit someone from selecting the Trail name of their choice.
>On the Trail each year, shelter registers can do the same thing and seem
>not to have made much of a difference either way.
>Again, thanks to Ryan, and 'howdy" to all of you good AT folks.
>Wingfoot dbruce@madison.main.nc.us