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Bikers on the AT

Lynn had asked earlier about ways to discourage bikers
from using the AT.  I don't know if this method was
intentional or not, but at one of my local parks where
I hike quite a bit (Umstead in Raleigh, NC), many of
the trails have logs/blowdowns approximately one foot or
more high that are easy to step over when walking, but would
really be a pain in the butt for a biker to have to get

I've noticed that these logs are usually
concentrated in about a 200' long section of trail
and then the trail is cleared completely for the
next half mile or so, and then you hit more logs.
I imagine this would cut down on a biker's enjoyment
in using the trail if they had to constantly get off
their bike and lift it over an obstacle.

It seems to work pretty well.  The park has many bikers
and bike trails, but there seems to be very little evidence
of bike traffic on the hiker-only trails that use the
log technique.

Solophile -- GA to ME '97