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AT-L:i just joined, my questions (longish)

Hi everyone,

I subscribed yesterday, have been reading the posts about scheduling with
interest, and figure it's time to introduce myself.  My name's Ellie, I'm
22, married to a great guy, crism.  We both went to Brown, and were in a
fraternity with Chuck Magee, who some of you might know from his ME->GA
hike in '93. I've started planning for a spring '98 thru-hike (GA -> ME),
and I expect the boy to come along. I have so many questions about
planning!  Any help on any of these would be much appreciated... 

1. How many pairs of boots can I expect to go through?  Do people carry
pairs with them or mail them ahead to a likely location?

2. Do people maintain their apartments while on the Trail, or do they do
things like subletting?   

3. Are any of you writers who managed to write while hiking?  How so?  I
write fiction, and I'm concerned about the weight my notebook will add.  I
might try to start with it and tear pages out and mail them home as I go
so I won't carry the whole thing the whole way, but I'm wondering I'll be
able to make time to write at all, except in a journal.

4. Are there any places on the Trail where you have to climb, as opposed
to scrambling?  In other words, can you go the whole way using just
your feet to carry you?  

5. What about jobs?  Are companies willing to give leaves of absence for
the AT?  Should I quit and find a new job when I get back?  Should I line
up a new job before I go?

6. How safe is it for a couple hiking together?  How safe if we split up
and meet intermittently through the day?

7. My husband wants to bring climbing gear and find places along the way
to climb.  Is this as impractical as I think it is?  

8. Any other potential '98 thru-hikers out there?  I'd love to hear from
you.  :-) 

"Daddy, this hat!  Am I a grownup if I wear it?"
    - Mei Kusakabe, age 4

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