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Re: [AT-L] AT-L:i just joined, my questions (longish)

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996, Ellie Fountain Maden wrote:

> 8. Any other potential '98 thru-hikers out there?  I'd love to hear from
> you.  :-) 
Hi!  I've been lurking all summer but I'll pipe in now to say that I hope
to be a '98 thru-hiker.  I am having some seroius scheduling/ timing
problems because I graduate from college in late May '98 (in Maine) so the
logical thing to do would be to head south starting in early June.  I've
always pictured myself going GA > ME as part of the crowd, enjoying the
social aspects of the trail along with everything else.  So I'll have to
see.  I've even started considering starting somewhere in the middle
(where I expect the northbounders to be) in June and then going back to
hike the southern part in the fall.	
Has anybody tried something like this? I suppose with this last plan it
would be more like section hiking.	

Going to school in Maine I've done some great trips on the AT.  Last year
I met my first thru-hikers in the Bigelow range, and haven't been able to
get thru-hiking off my mind!	

Take care!   Emily