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We're back on the list

O.K., so you didn't miss us anyway. Victoria and I were signed off the AT-L
for a good while this summer while working on a book on Georgia Backroads. We
are now reading and responding (almost always only directly to the person
writing to keep down on list "noise").

As a list reintroduction, we are 1988 thru-hikers. I am a member of the
Appalachian Trail Conference Board of Managers. We are also the authors of
seven outdoorsy books including The Appalachian Trail Backpacker.

Our web site has been expanded over the summer to include articles you can
download, which we have written for various publications. These include two
A.T. articles so far (One on Springer Mountain, the other on our 1988 climb
in the dark for dawn on Katahdin). That articles area will be added too at
least twice monthly for some time to come. The address is

We enjoy this list and look forward to more dialog with you all.