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Couple of Shells for sale

Warning: semi-commercial message below:

I'm getting rid of a couple of new shells, I thought I would give the 
people here a shot (as long as I was telling all of rec.backcountry!)

A Columbia anorak - Men's Medium (wrong size)
A Marmot Alpinist Light, Gore-Tex - Women's Large (about to give it to the 
really wrong person - looong messy story!)

I don't want to get to commercial with the public bandwidth so e-mail me 
for more info and prices etc., but as far as the Marmot shell goes, I have to 
know in the next day or 2.

Jeff Mosenkis,                                                   
University at Albany - Psych, Anthro, Judaic Studies             

"Welcome to the psychotherapy hotline.  If you are obsessive-compulsive, 
please press '1' repeatedly.  If you are co-dependant, please have someone 
else press '2' for you.  If you have multiple-personality disorder, please
press '4', '5', and '6'.  If you are paranoid, don't press anything, we know
where you are and what you want."