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Re: Gutsy

     When did Gustsy start? I am planning a thru-hike for next year, but 
     may need to finish in August. I fear this means a much earlier 
     start...and lots of 33 degree rain (my favorite :( ) 
     Steve & Crosby
     AT GA -->ME 97 

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Haven't received a written update from Gutsy's husband lately, but had the 
opportunity to "talk" to Gutsy last night in AOL's Backpacker Mag. chatroom, 
hosted by Frank Logue. She was staying with Bill and Laurie Foot (thru 
hikers and trail activists) and they graciously let her use their PC. Gutsy 
mostly answered questions about what equipment she was using, favorite parts 
of the AT so far, etc. She expects to finish the AT in August. 
She said Grayson Highlands has been her favorite place so far. She's had a 
lot of cold, rainy, weather. She did say that yesterday was finally hot, 
which suits her, being from South Carolina. She hasn't caught the "Virgina 
Blues" and doesn't expect to. Loves Virgina! 
She hasn't had any scary encounters with humans or animals and is very 
impressed with how friendly people are. She is constantly told that she 
doesn't look like a thru-hiker. I can see why. She wears a beret, keeps her 
hair very neat and generally has an overall clean appearance. At Fontana, 
people thought I was the thru hiker and she the weekender when the exact 
opposite was true. Anyway, people still remark about this including thru 
hikers she catches up with. 
She is not hiking with any group. Seems she just keeps hiking and ends up 
leaving the different groups. She hikes about 10 hrs. per day. That's all I 
have for now. Will post when I get Dan's update. Thanks.
Peter H. Fornof