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Gutsy Update

Here is another Gutsy update taking us thru May 11. 

>Day 44  Thursday, May 9  13 miles
>We left early this morning without eating breakfast.  There was a store six
>miles away, so we headed there for brunch.  I called home from there and
>left a message about when I would be arriving in Pearisburg.  My breakfast
>was banana, apple, juice, ham/cheese sandwich, and 2 Hershey bars with
>almonds.  Of course the trail went up after the road and I was uncomfortably
>At a small lake I couldnt resist going in for a swim.  A game warden was
>planting water plants all along edge of the water.  The lake is spring fed
>and was so cold it took my breath away but I felt so refreshed afterward.
> While I was letting my feet dry before putting my boots on, Philly Bulldog
>came along and stopped for a swim.  He is finished a rather mixed up thru
>hike from last year.  He hiked GA-VA, then ME-PA, and is now finishing the
>middle part, going north.  Something like that.
>Were spending the night at Wapiti Shelter.  For supper three of us put
>together our food and came up with a Mexican feast--chicken Santa Fe with
>extra beans and rice, tortillas and fritos--it was great.  Jack built a fire
>so were having a good end to the week.
>Day 45  Friday, May 10  17 miles
>Dan arrived in Pearisburg at 2:30 p.m. and saw Jacks van in town so he knew
>we were off the trail.  I had arrived just an hour before, and was finishing
>a late lunch when he came.  Dan and I stayed at the Rendezvous Motel, near
>the AT.  We were going to have supper in town with Jack, but decided just to
>stay at the motel and enjoy the liverwurst and home made rolls from Uncle
>Frank.  Later we went to a laundromat and to the grocery store.
>Day 46  Saturday, May 11  23 miles
>I left the motel at 5:50 a.m. and headed north on the AT without my backpack.
> Dan stayed at the motel until the post office opened, then he got my mail
>and drove up hwy. 635 to where it crosses the AT.  He hiked in about 5 miles
>before meeting me near the junction of the Allegheny Trail with the AT, on
>Pine Swamp Ridge.  I had some steep climbs, and had been hiking fast without
>any stops, so I was ready for a break.  We took a break for a snack before
>heading down to the car.  At Pine Branch Swamp Shelter were three thru hikers
>who had stopped for lunch.  About 2 miles from the car, the rain started.
> Dan had a rain poncho, and we stopped and huddled cozily under it for about
>30 minutes during the worst of the rain and thunder.  When we got to the car
>I was soaked.  At the car we had lunch, then I repacked my backpack and
>headed to Bailey Gap Shelter for night, another .8 miles north.