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new job...new life

Today, I accepted my first post-Master's job at the University of New
Hampshire. (Insert applause here...)  So, it's out of the hustle and
bustle of Boston and into the wild wilderness of trail country.  I am
VERY excited about being 1 1/2 hours closer to the hiking/biking/skiing
of the Whites (oh yeah, and about the new job, too...)

The really good news is that my job here ends on June 30th and my new
one doesn't begin until August 12!  Only a backpacker would be excited
about unemployment!  I'm thinking about either the Long Trail, some
section hiking, or some type of Outward Bound/AMC/Sierra Club trip. 
Anybody have any ideas?  Anybody out there interested in long-distance
hiking during July?  

Let me know...

Jen Sawyer