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Re: How long...

On terrain that isn't too tough I average about 2 miles/hr, which is about
standard for most.  On very steep terrain I do about 1 mi/hr.  Note that when
I walk on fairly level ground without a heavy pack (say on a Volksmarch) I
walk 3-4 miles/hr.  I think the speed for a backpacker has a lot to do with
your age and experience, and also your motivation to do a lot of miles vs to
just amble along and enjoy the scenery.  (I guess I shouldn't presume that a
speed hiker isn't enjoying the scenery, but I don't understand it.)

I'm planning a thru hike next yr, and will shoot for 10 miles a day because
that's comfortable for me.  (I've done 18 or 19 a couple of times, and don't
like it at all--my feet are killing me by the end of the day).

Good luck...................Marty