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Help locating other OUTDOOR topic LISTSERV(ER)S ...

I have identified the listserv(er) e-mail addresses for Backpacking info
(send e-mail with subscribe backpack-l in message field to
LISTSERVER@switchback.com), Appalachian Trail stuff (send e-mail with
subscribe at-l in message field to listproc@patsy.hack.net), and this group
(send e-mail with subscribe outdor-l in message field to

Does anyone know where the Listserver for the PCT trail is located?  Are
there any other outdoor topic listservers that you could bring to

Any help in discovering how to locate other topics of interest and their
listservers would be appreciated.

PLEASE RESPOND TO ME DIRECTLY (Yashar@Brown.edu) and/or CC the Listserver.

David E. Yashar
AT GA>ME 1994