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Re: Backtrack, hitchhike, or shuttle?

At 02:22 PM 5/3/96 -0500, you wrote:
>   I've posted this on the USENET groups but have only gotten one 
>response, so I'll post it here, too.
>       What do most people do when backpacking for extended distances or
>even short distances for that matter?  

I've section hiked 1500 miles of the AT so I've tried everthing. Arranging
to get picked up is the best. I've had good luck hitching. I always do it in
the morning by camping the last night out only a few miles from the quiting
point. Sometimes walking into the nearest town and asking around about
public transportation will get you a ride. Sometimes just walking with the
pack will get you offers. The ATC has a list of people who shuttle hikers.
I've never managed to take advantage of it. Keith Shaw of Monson, Me. is the
only person I've ever left my vehicle with without reservations. Letting
local authorities know your vehicle will be parked for x amount of days
somewhere is a good idea. I always worry that my truck won't be there where
I left it 6 or 7 days ago. A person could take it from Boston to LA before I
even reported it stolen. Not a pleasant thought. Cross your fingers and hope
for some trail magic.