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Re: Internet thru hike

Lindel posted a message re: an article he'd seen.

It must have been about Waldo Jaquith's site.  The URL for it is:


It's linked from a couple of spots on the AT page 
(www.fred.net/kathy/at.html) and I will add another link that will make 
it easier to spot when there is more in the journal.

Below is what he has so far under the "Journal Entries" portion of the page.
(This is how it looks in Lynx, the text browser.)


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 09:22:50 -0400
From: Kathy Bilton <kathy@bigdog.fred.net>
To: kathy@fred.net
Subject: journal.htm

   Bein' as how I'm not hiking yet, I don't really have any journal
   entries yet. I'll start hiking on April 15th, so look for them
   starting then!
     Urgent message from waldo:
     beautiful weather here in Georgia...STOP...me many groovy
     people...STOP...the hike is easier than i thought...STOP...my
     backpack feels a little light...STOP...HEY! can someone send me my
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