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RE: North Face

>>The North Face tent I bought in 1969 and used it heavily was retired this
>>   year only because the rain fly disintegrated from sun exposure.  I
>>  gave it to a seamstress who is building a new fly.  The point is, NF
>>  used good material.  It's far superior to the Korean stuff that REI's
>>  cheap line of tents are made of, which feels brittle and smells of
>> chemicals.
> Frank,
> Did you contact NF about replacing the fly??  I've still got my '73
> Mountain tent and also have gone through the fly disintegration
> problem (back in '85 tho) and was amazed when I contacted them and
> learned that they still stocked the fly...

> **  Keith E. Patterson
> **  Roanoke, VA  USA
> **  kep1@roanoke.infi.net

I didn't check.  NF used to have a great policy about replacing worn or
damaged stuff.  Notes on rec.backcountry last year said NF has changed
hands a few times recently.  I don't know current status (or their address).

--  Frank    reid@indiana.edu