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From AT List Admin: Beta FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - The Appalachian Trail Mailing List
 Compiled by your friendly list-admin, Ryan Brooks ryan@inc.net

- How do I subscribe?

	To subscribe to the Appalachian Trail Mailing List, known
	to email systmes as AT-L, do the following:

		Fire off a message to LISTPROC@INC.NET with this 
		in the _body_ of the message:

		SUBSCRIBE AT-L Your Real Name Here

	You should get a response shortly indicating success.  
	Don't be concerned with error messages following your
	subscription notification, the ListProcessor is probably
	trying to interpret your signature file as commands.

- How do I unsubscribe?

	The most important thing to remember here, is to NOT send 
	mail to the list (AT-L),  no-one else cares that you want
	to unsubscribe, and you'll probably earn yourself some 
	cyberenemies.   Now that that is out of the way, this
	is the procedure:

		Mail LISTPROC@INC.NET with this in the body of
		the message:


		SIGNOFF AT-L works as well.

	Again, if you have a problem, email me, ryan@inc.net, I'm
	a human, and will have better luck figuring out your email.

- How do I post?

	Simply mail your message, with a well thought out subject to

- Where is the list archived?

	See ftp://ftp.inc.net/pub/at

	The archive is split into 10,000 line chunks, labelled by the
	date of the first complete message.  

- How/What is Digest mode?

	Digest mode is a mode you can put your subscription in that will
	force the list to assemble a group of messages into one large one
	that gets sent out at regular intervals.  The idea being,  keep
	all the AT-related email in one email message so it doesn't 
	clutter your inbox.    To set the digest mode:

	Mail LISTPROC@INC.NET with the following in the body of the 


- Why don't I see my own posts?

	The list defaults to not echoing your local posts, to prevent mail
	loops.  If you'd like, you can override this by setting mode ack:



- Why does it take awhile for the list to process my mail sometimes?

	As automatic as all this seems, it still takes a fair amount of 
	and I do run this is my spare time on my own computer.  So, things break, 
	I break things :-).   Usually, if there is a delay, or if you don't see 
	list respond overnight, I'm probably working on it, and don't worry, 
	all of the mail gets queued up and does eventually get processed.   If 
	think something is wrong, please feel free to drop me a email 

- If I'm having mailing list related problems, who can I talk
to so I don't fill everyone's mailboxes with an unrelated question?

	Why that'd be me, ryan@inc.net, feel free to drop me a line,
	but give me a day or two to respond.

- Why do I see email from inc.net and hack.net, et al. with this list?

	My home computer is in the "hack.net" domain, and it actually runs the
	listproc, but the mail can relay through "inc.net", my employer.

- What are other AT related resources on the net?

	There's only one place to be, Kathy Bilton's AT Home Page at


	For general outdoor discussion, I'd recommend the Usenet newsgroup