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Re: From AT List Admin: Beta FAQ

Hi Ryan -

You asked for some comments:

Some people have reported having trouble using the @inc.net address to 
sub or unsub, and have reported having better luck with @patsy.hack.net 
Have you heard the same?

Would you consider having some guidelines for posting in the FAQ? Such as 
not replying to the whole list when only one person needs to be written 
to; and also to try to delete as much as possible of messages being 
replied to.  It's very frustrating to get a huge long message that you 
have to page all the way through - only to see two lines of added 
comments at the bottom.  Maybe you could solicit some posting guidelines 
from the list.  

Also, part of the FAQ seems to need reformatting. (I don't know what it 
looks like on your end.)

Thanks for the ref to the AT page at the bottom!!!