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Re: no messages received

>>I haven't received any messages form AT mailing list since 2 days.  What is
>going on?  Please, give me an answer.
>>Benoit Renauld
>>Scout chief
>>80th group, scouts and guides
>>Ste-Maria Goretti, Quebec city
>>Mechanical engineering, Laval University
>>E-mail:  br1495@etu.gmc.ulaval.ca
>>Phone: 418-623-3735
>I'm not sure, but I think there may be a problem with some servers/areas as
>far as receiving mailing list posts goes on the weekends.  I didn't receive
>anything over the weekend either, but when I downloaded my mail this
>morning, I had about 20 messages come in.  Who knows?

Same thing here. This list doesn't seem to work on the weekends. It seems to 
stop on the weekends and then resume during the week. Anyone else beside the 
three of us having this problem?

Pete Fornof