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Re: Register Replenishing

Generally the register books at placed at shelters and/or at boxes
along the trail for management purposes. These purposes include:
1) finding people who need to be found because of a family emergency
2) hearing about trail problems, e.g missing blazes, down trees, etc.
3) hearing about problem people on the trail
4) hearing about vandalism at trailheads
5) getting entertainment from the many nice stories
6) etc.

If the books are not left there for the maintainers to pick up then
this information is lost and at least in case 1) above could
cause serious problems for one of your fellow hikers.

If you would like some of the information that is in
the books, most books have an address of where the books
eventually wind up. Write to them with your request.

Walt Daniels
Supervisor Bear Mt. Bridge to Rt 301, Fahnestock State Park.