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Re: Bears on the Trail

>Marshall DeBerry talked about an encounter with a bear on the AT in NJ.  I
>know from time to time folks have talked about bears on the trial however, I
>don't remember anyone giving a definitive explanation of what one might do
>upon coming face to face with one of these denizens of the trial.  Since
>many live to tell the tail, is there not much danger in the meeting of human
>and bear? I seem to recall banging a pot or blowing a whistle as the
>deterrent of choice. Thanks 

        The only encounter I have had from bears is when I was walking down
a dirt road in a national wildlife refuge in Eastern NC while bow hunting
deer.  A bear and a small cub were coming out of a soy bean field and
crossing the road. I was less than 50-100 yards from them and the largest
bear looked at me and then they moved on across the road and into the woods.
When I saw them all I did was stop and wait to see what was going to take
place.  When the crossed into the woods I continued on about my way.

Oh by the way gang I am back from my two weeks on the AT.  I will have a
message shortly that tells a little about it.
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