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Re: yummy packs

In a message dated 96-04-08 07:42:09 EDT, Poombah writes:

>i traveled up to ottawa this weekend in order to try on some packs that just
>don't seem to be sold ANYWHERE NEAR ME. 

I went to REI Saturday and tried on the Lowe Sirocco and the Mountainsmith
Frostfire for Women.  I really liked the Frostfire better, it was only $7
more.  The Frostfire has a larger capacity 4,468ci vs. 4,200, but is lighter
in weight, 5 lb 5oz  vs. 5 lb 10 oz.  Be sure to fit one of these on.  It
also has one extra load stabilizer strap, which I liked alot because it
really pulled the pack into your back better (I thought) than the Sirocco.
You might want to find one of these packs and try it on before you make your
decision.  The salesman there wanted to know if  women hikers liked this
Frostfire.  I haven't heard anyone talk about it, so couldn't tell him.  Any
comments anyone??

The NF makes a womens pack named Rogue.  I have a NF pack now, and have liked
it a lot, but as it gets older I have heard complaints about the hip belts.
 I know my husband's is starting to stretch (even though NF says they won't).
 He has NOT lost weight either.
They have improved on the way the stays are put into the packs, but we have
old ones and have trouble with them.

REI didn't have any Dana packs.  I hope to look at them again while in
Damascus in May.  I think he carried them,  I know he had Mountainsmiths last
time. I don't have Dana's # that I know of.  Sorry.

IL Fltlndr