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yummy packs

'allo all...hope everyone had a good weekend/easter.

i traveled up to ottawa this weekend in order to try on some packs that just
don't seem to be sold ANYWHERE NEAR ME.  tried on an osprey isis, a woman's
north face (without my gear guide in front of me of course i can't remember
the name) and the bora 70.  all three fit very nicely and all had pros and
cons.  the bora 70 was very inexpensive--at MEC it was listed at 277.
 backpacker has it listed at 299.  but the 277 was canadian.  so that brings
it down to about 200.  the taxes are tough but you get the GST back at the
border.  good bargain but unfortunately the small hipbelt was pulled
tight--no room for losing weight on the trail and of course they don't make a
woman's pack.  the osprey and north face both were selling for 350.  pretty
steep but still cheaper than the terraplane i fell in love with.  the
northface was very similar feature-wise to the dana--lots of pockets and
compression--you know, yuppie stuff.  very comfy tho due to it's
classification as a woman's pack (haven't heard anyone mention north face for
packs...anyone?)  and finally, the osprey, too was nice--not sure if i like
the catch-all thingy they have on the back (instead of pockets) but there is
a nice waterbottle feature and the pack carries very close to the body--alot
more than the n.f.  so after all that, i came home with two spoons and a fuel
decision making and patience are not two of my strong points so as you can
imagine this is hell.

anyway, for those of you who haven't been to ottawa (this was my first time)
it is a BEAUTIFUL city--gorgeous architecture and men, too.  highly

must work now.  without that paycheck, i'll be using a hefty bag to carry my