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Re: Bear Stuff

Hey All,

In a message dated 96-03-26 13:51:11 EST, you write:

>BTW, as if you would have time to make such a determination, but a ranger in
>Denali told me that there is a school of thought that says you can outrun a
>griz down a steep incline since their center of gravity is such that they
>must "lumber" down at a slow pace.

Sorry this is a really old post 3/26 but ...

I met this woman that living in Minnesota and she was chased by a Moose. She
said that the moose was fastest on flat or up hill, but had to slow down
going down hill. She seemed to believe that it had to do with the four legs
than anything else. She seemed to imply that it was common knowledge in those
parts ...

Did someone out there say something about firecrackers and scaring off bears?