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Re: Backpacker Mag. Reviews


while i agree that the magazine is lacking any scathing "don't buy this
crappy product" reviews, it accomplishes its mission. it presents most all
of what is available for a particular item and the features that it has. it
makes note of special manufacturer "twists" and whatnot. it also serves as
a great resource guide. i ordered appx 35 catalogs with their 1-800

i do wish it was written more from the perspective of a hiker and not as
some third party onlooker. one thing that truly bothered me was on the
subject of volume. we all know that there are fifty different ways that the
various manufacturers measure their packs volume. i would like to see
BACKPACKER identify one method (ping pong balls, pinto beans, baseballs...
whatever) and measure all of the packs they review. and give their results.
this way we could compare the products.


Marcus B. Vitiello