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Re:Re: gear questions; and Intro...


In a message dated 96-04-01 14:18:47 EST, you write:

>>Anybody have any experience with those cheap <$30, light 35 mm cameras?
>>How about those single-use ones? 

>If a camera isn't water resistent, expect it to quit somewhere along the
>trail after a week of rain.  I lost a camera that way and now carry a water
>resistent one.

>IL Fltlndr

Hi everyone!

     Another lurker coming out of the shaddows.  I've been on the list for
the last couple of months and thought it was past time to introduce myself.
I'm a geologist/cartographer working for the Natural Resource and Consevation
Service here in Indiana. I normally go out to the Rockies for my hiking, but
have decided to go east this year for a change and do a section hike of the AT
I'm still in the deciding mode at this point. Too many good comments on this list
about the different sections. It sure makes the choice harder.

    I've been using a cheap point and shoot 35mm camera on my cave trips for years.
A couple of zip-lock bags and the camera has undergone many water and mudbaths.
The camera finally died the other day from too much use. I'll probably replace it
the same. 

    Bag Balm is a brand name of utter cream. They also make a 1 oz. tin besides the
5 dollar 10 oz can everyone seems to be talking about. The 10 oz. is the cheapest way
to buy it though. I prefer Dr. Naylor's Udder Balm, but it's a little harder to find.
Most farm stores will have a similar brand. You can pack an old film can with the
utter balm to save weight.

    We do have hills in the south of Indiana, but no mountains, unless you hike
underground. What is a Hoosier? That is a great mystery for some. You'll have to
come here to find out.

Keep the cabin fever at bay,
the next hike is just a few days away!