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Re: Trail pecking order?

>      It should be noted that although there should be no determined
>requirements, I would hope that a weekender with a tent might give up there
>spot in a shelter to a weary thru-hiker.  I certainly would never ask nor
>expect it, and come to think of it, it probably wouldn't even occur to
>someone to offer.  Oh well, just a thought.
>Horus, GA>ME96


I can see your point of view, but I'm going to run into this situation next 
week in the Smokies. I made shelter reservations 30 days in advance for 3 
shelters in the Smokies. Now I know there will be hordes of thru-hikers 
there. I'm hiking with several people (3) from the Tag Team (BP/AOL). Should 
we sleep on the trashy floors, or outside with the possibility of getting 
fined by rangers and give up our spaces to the thru hikers? We will be out 
for 4 days, so this is a little better than just for a weekend, but the only 
difference between me and you is that you are lucky enough to have the time 
to do a thru hike. 

I have given my shelter space to thru hikers in the past, when I was out for 
a weekend. However, my plan this time is to sleep in the shelter and let a 
thru hiker use my tent. I really don't want to get fined. I don't think the 
rangers will fine thru hikers. 

By the way, a friend reports that they had 19 people in Silers Bald Shelter 
in the Smokies last week (sleeps 12) and that the floors were covered with 
trash from weekenders. Also, some 25 bags of trash were outside the shelter. 
Sounds like I'm going to the Staten Island landfill instead of the 
wilderness. Oh well, hope your thru hike goes well and that those 
"weekenders" give up their spaces willingly.