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Now that it's over...

----- WARNING: The next two paragraphs are college basketball-related.

Please see backpacking content three graphs down.-----

   Please excuse me for the non-AT content, but now that March 
Madness is officially over, I just gotta say -- "YEAH, UK!!!" No 
offense, Poombah (or any other Syracuse backer). Wallace had a great 
game (and showed he is a class individual for not jumping to the pros 
the way so many underclassmen do), and Sims displayed phenomenal 
stamina by returning to the game late with an injured wrist, but the 
Orangemen were just outmatched Monday night.
   As a Kentucky native and UK backer, I REALLY got tired of hearing 
just about everyone and their mother declare "Kentucky's gonna choke" 
all season long. I'm really proud they didn't. Now we just gotta win 
title No. 7 next year...;-)
-----End of college hoops rant-----

   As for AT-related content, I just got back last week from four 
days backpacking on the Big South Fork in southern Kentucky. It 
wasn't the trail, but it worked wonders for me! We started in 10 
inches of snow and the temperature shot up to the 60s by our last day 
-- a full range of weather, in other words. My Kelty Tioga helped me 
carry my gear in comfort, my Merrell Lassens kept my feet dry (even 
in the snow!), my Peak 1 442 Dual Fuel stove fired up like a charm, 
and even with the cold nights, I had a great time.
   A few more trips like that one and I might just make it until next