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RE: Boots for narrow feet.

I'm not sure about the others, but Vasque makes some models in narrow 
widths.  They also sell inserts in different widths (used in place of the 
insert that came with the boot) to customize the boot once you've adopted 
them.  Just in case you buy the wrong width by mistake.  :-)  Unfortunately 
nothing can help short boots.  (Ouch!  Been there, done that, got the 
blisters to prove it.)
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Subject: Boots for narrow feet.
Date: Monday, April 01, 1996 1:57PM

Anyone have any suggestions for a boot that runs narrow?  I'm wearing a
Thorlo Trekker when trying on boots without a liner (I normally don't use
one).  Is there a sock combination that may help?  I'm thinking I'll take
a trip out to Campmor this Friday and try on some more, so any help will
be appreciated.

Dave Guild
No Trail Name Yet... Still too busy trying to put our apartment in
storage, finish school, finish at work, etc...