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Boots for narrow feet.


I've asked a few gear and schedule questions here before and found the 
info to be real useful.  So.... I try again.  My wife, Tara, and I will 
be starting a through hike on May 4th or 5th.  I bought some Scarpa boots 
back in November and I have been wearing them for the last 4 months.  
I think I've come to the conclusion that I screwed up and they are too 
short (It took me a while to admit my big $$$ mistake).

Anyway, I just went out to the store over lunch and tried on a bunch of
boots.  I tried on Vasques, Scarpa's, Aslo's(Sp??) and a Reichlei (Sp??). 
All of them were way to wide when I got a pair that I felt had enough
length.  I do have a narrow foot and always have a hard time getting ski
boots ( I finally resorted to the foam filled boots).  

Anyone have any suggestions for a boot that runs narrow?  I'm wearing a
Thorlo Trekker when trying on boots without a liner (I normally don't use
one).  Is there a sock combination that may help?  I'm thinking I'll take 
a trip out to Campmor this Friday and try on some more, so any help will 
be appreciated.

Dave Guild 
No Trail Name Yet... Still too busy trying to put our apartment in 
storage, finish school, finish at work, etc...