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Hey Sharon,
I used the small, single-use cameras for a good portion of my three-month 
AT hike in 1993.  They work well, especially for landscape shots.  I 
never really used them for portrait-like shots (I was solo-hiking) so I 
don't know how they work for that.  The best thing about them, IMHO is 
that they are lightweight and you can even get the waterproof ones.  Now 
I have a Pentax 90WR or something like that.  It is waterproof (can use 
it in the rain but not under water) and has a good zoom.  Plus it has a 
remote shutter release for those posed shots of myself. :)  Anyways, I 
think your best bet for weight is the disposable cameras.  I'm rambling 
on . . .

Enjoy your hike,