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Re: raingear??

Sharon -

A couple comments -

>Sounds like goretex is "out" for boots, but is it "in" for jackets/parkas?

There are some people who like Goretex boots.  I buy boots only for durability
and comfort, and ignore the Goretex/non-Goretex issue.  With 9+ EEE feet,
I don't have the luxury of a lot of chices in boots.  But I've stopped
believing the
manufacturers claims about the "magic" of Goretex, too.

>I have searched the catalogs for truly light jackets and can't find any
>that aren't really expensive.  I have a coated nylon jacket (7oz) which
>is basically a plastic bag with pit zippers.  It definitely keeps tha
>rain out, but the sweat in.  I have hiked in the rain with goretex too,
>and still got wet either from the rain or the sweat.  thank god for
>polartek and polypro, which kept most of the wet off my skin.
>Is there any good way to stay dry other than staying in the shelter all
>day?  Or do you just suck it up and go, no matter how much you spent
>on your rain gear??

As someone once told me - Suck it up and hike.   Personal opinion - the only
purpose in rain gear is to keep you "warm wet" rather than "cold wet".  I use
a lightweight Goretex parka for winter (yes, there is a place for Goretex!!)
and a coated nylon jacket for warmer weather.

>and to Jeff, Bob, Jim and all other free-footed folk... sorry about bashing
>running shoes.

I don't use running shoes either - but I know some who do so happily.

About equipment - the only absolute is that there are no absolutes.

Have a good day,