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Re: boots/GTX

>>Gotta put in another viewpoint on the UP hill though.  I'm slow on the
>>but it doesn't hurt the knees like the downhill does.  Maybe that's cause
>>my knees know how old my drivers license says I am?
>My knees always feel like they are going to give out any second after one of
>those 8 mile downhills or whatever.  Being out of shape for downhill (there
>is no way I have figured out in the state of IL to get in shape for downhill)
>the old knees start to quiver from overuse.  They always seem to make it
>though.  An overnight rest always seems to revive them somewhat.  I'm getting
>curious how old your driver's license says you are....just call me nosey!
>IL Fltlander

It's no secret - there's a 5 and a 6, which adds up to 11 - which is my
mental age.
I just keep in mind that physical age is a function of physical phenomena,
but real
age is a function of attitude.  I also have twice as much face as most
people.  How
lucky can you get?

Walk softly,