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Re: vt shuttle

>Wonder if any of you can help me:  I'm doing some hiking in VT in June and
>need a ride on June 1 from the Inn at Long Trail (Rt. 4) down to the Trail
>crossing on Rt. 9 (near Bennington).  I know about the officially listed
>shuttles, but both of those are from out of state.  I'd be willing to pay,
>of course.
Hi Evergreen,
 I run shuttles in Vermont from Cheshire, Mass to Hanover. I'd be happy to
do it. My E-mail address is dotmike2@sover.net and home address is 52 So.
Main Street Brattleboro, VT. I do your car or mine and I store cars. Also I
can fit up to three hikers in my car. I have a commercial drivers license
and a 28 year clean driving record and I happily transport dogs.Please let
me know if you are still interested and I can get more specific about
price. I've hiked those sections multiple times if you need any
information. Hope to talk to you soon.
                                                        Dot MacDonald (D-Train)