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Re: bag balm

In message Mon, 1 Apr 96 04:04:46 EST, at-l@patsy.hack.net  writes:

> Sharon Sharpe  writes:
>>> I don't know whats in it (guess the FDA isn't too concerned
>>>   about cows udders) but it really does hang in there longer than
> vaseline.
> Where's best to buy, drug store, grocery?

Only place I've seen Bag Balm is farm-supply stores (Southern States Co-Op,
Big Blue, et al).  The "old folks" swear by it.  Never tried it myself.
Survivalist author Ragnar Bensen mentions it in his book, _The
Survivalist's Medicine Chest_ (Paladin Press), which is about how to use
veterinary medicines on humans.


Frank     reid@indiana.edu