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Re: gore tex socks

On Fri, 29 Mar 1996, Sharon Sharpe wrote:

> One of the truisms I read in the shelter logs was
> "There's no such thing as waterproof boots"

Hmm, I have been reading the "don't put gore-tex on your feet" thread and 
I am finally compelled to express my disagreement.  I hike with the 
Vasque Clarion Lights (with waterproofing on the leather), poly liner 
socks, wool socks, and when at all necessary gaitors.  Last spring I went 
on a 4-day hike on the AT in Virginia.  I survived over 30 creek 
crossings one day and 6 inches of snow another day.  My feet never got 
wet.  My attitude was "if the water doesn't get over the top of my boots, 
my feet won't get wet".  I was right.  Yes waterproofing wears off and on 
my 3 month AT trip this summer I will be aware of that.  But I'm a happy 
camper with what I've got and I would recommend it to others.

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