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Re: Dogs in town/on the trail

Rachel -

I'm a dog lover too, but still have mixed feelings about dogs on the AT.
But my feelings are not the subject here - Steve Lund (Uncle Wolf) hiked
with his dog last year and wrote a really good piece about it - along with
some other really good advice about thruhiking.  The URL for his stuff is:

Walk softly,
Jim Owen

>I'm planning on starting my thru-hike in '97 and
>would like to bring one of my dogs as company
>for portions of the trail (he also gives me a sense
>of security as a female solo-hiker on all of my
>trips).  My question is regarding the town visits.
>Are there any thru-hikers out there that have had
>experience hiking with their dogs?  How do you
>handle your town visits and are there any references
>that you can point me to that might list dog-friendly
>stop-over points?

>I know the opinions are mixed on dogs on the trail,
>but I have every intention of having my dog sleep
>in my tent, not in the shelters, and he is a very
>well-behaved mature dog.