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Re: Fuel Bottles Required

>My wife and I are starting a through hike around the first of May.  We've
>been going through our packs to cut weight and we can't decide how many
>fuel bottles to carry.  We bought two msr 22oz bottles to go with our
>wisperlite.  Do we need to carry them both, or should we carry one and
>just mail the other to a few of the more remote areas?  What are your
>experiences?  Thanks,  Dave Guild

Dave -

I lifted this next  paragraph from one of my previous posts to someone else.
It might be of interest to you -

>We carry an MSR Whisperlite (14 oz) with a single 22 oz fuel bottle. The
>only time I ran short of fuel was in the Smokies (there were 2 of us - I had
>a partner, too), so I filled up with gasoline of unknown parentage at Mountain
>Mama's store. It worked fine. Suggestion - send an empty 11 oz fuel bottle
>to Fontana, then send it home at Hot Springs. For two of you, you might need
>it again in the Wilderness so you could send it to Monson.

Did you get the series of posts about Alisa's list?  They might help, too.

Walk lightly,