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Re: boots

thanx jeff...glad i didn't buy the merrills!  i'll keep shopping around.
 looks like my mom and i are heading to MEC next weekend...she's putting
together a river rafting trip somewhere in ottawa so it'll be very
convenient.  i hear there is also an osprey dealer up there called expedition
shop.  i also received my arc'teryx catalog.  despite the cool logo, i don't
see any sleeping bag compartment or external pockets of any kind on the
bora70 that i've heard so much about.  wondering how thru-hikers like this
bag without those features.  is anyone out there using an osprey or gregory
pack?  i've tried on danas, lowes, and camp trails and so far only two do
anything for me.  the inexpensive lowe scirroco which, again, has no pockets
and therefore is getting scratched and the billion dollar terraplane.  it
sucks to have expensive tastes!  
ah, well, i guess that's why i work.
(there has to be SOME reason)