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Re: boots

On Tue, 26 Mar 1996 Pooombah@aol.com wrote:

> hi all.
> i tried on two pairs of boots this weekend, the vasque sundowner and the
> merril rimrock.  i have to say that the infamous sundowner did nothing for
> me.  but the rimrocks were VERY comfortable.  does anyone have any experience
> with them?
> alisa

I can just share what I have heard, and I have heard a lot of horror 
stories about Merril quality.  I don't think I would buy a pair after 
seeing virtually everybody I know who has had Merrils (the serious ones, 
not around-town shoes) have problems.  Of course there is the infamous 
Olympic - very comfortable, but the seams blow after a couple of weeks.  
I think the next incarnation was a little better, but not much.
I have a pair of Scarpa/Fabiano Trionics.  I'm *very* happy with them and 
everybody I know who has them likes them, too.  My friend proudly 
displayed his which are still holding up fine after 5 years of heavy 
abuse (of course he has not thru-hiked with them yet).

Just my $.02

As far as your question on MEC goes:
I have seen their catalog and was very impressed by the prices.  
Especially the home brand there.  A good friend of mine got their 
insulated Gore-Tex pants and just loves them (he originally ordered them 
because Backpacker mag rated them #1 that year).
I'm too afraid to actually go to the store because I'm afraid I would 
leave a pauper!

Just a tip on exchange rates:  I'm not sure exactly how it works, but I 
have been told that if you use a credit card to pay, the card will give 
you whatever the best exchange rate of that entire month was (which might 
add up if you are buying a lot)
Also: if you are thinking about doing mail order from them, my friend 
ordered his stuff around Christmas - bad idea!  They just sat for a few weeks 
waiting to go through customs because of the seasonal rush.  

let me know how it is

Jeff Mosenkis,                                                   
University at Albany - Psych, Anthro, Judaic Studies             

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