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RE: iodine tablets

On Wed, 20 Mar 1996 07:33:03 -0600  Jack Ray wrote:
>Does anyone know how long iodine tablets can be kept before they
>lose their potency? I have looked in vain for an expiration date on the
>bottle and package I have. I do short section hikes and generally have
>some left over from one year to the next. Thanks.
>Jack Ray
>"The Blue Ace"


I keep Coghlan's  Iodine tablets in case of emergencys and the bottle says 
do not store for longer than a year.  Better yet, why not use a filter 
like the "scout" model that I use, has the ceramic filter and iodine resin 
to remove and kill small creatures in the water.  I also put an activated 
charcoal filter on it for solutions that may be dissolved in the water.

Lee M. Cobb
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