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iodine tablets

On how long those iodine tablets last.....  I too do sections each year
and have used "year-old" talbets.  I haven't gotten sick, so I assume
they still work.... but it takes FOREVER for them to dissolve. these
are the Potable Aqua ones.  Just as convenient to part with a buck,
get new ones each year and not have to be thirsty while they dissolve
for a half hour.  Besides... how do we know how long the bottle sat
on the shelf before we bought it???  And does anyone else wonder why
they come in a glass bottle?  I've never dropped them, but is there
some reason they can't be stored/carried in plastic??
One more thing... those other tablets you can get that take the
iodine taste out.... anyone have good/bad/indifferent experience with

And while I'm still here...  My hiking partner just got a dehydrator, so
we are graduating from pre-packaged Alpine Aire food.  Any favorite foods
that dry out and reconstitute well????

Thanks in advance.... Sharon